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Revolutionize with creatine monohydrate disguised as sugar!

Effortless intake and no sugar

Formula to consistently take creatine monohydrate

Introducing your delicious solution to consistent creatine intake! We’ve transformed the experience of taking creatine monohydrate by pairing it with the natural sweetness of thaumatin, making it as easy to use as your everyday sugar – but without the actual sugar. Imagine effortlessly enhancing your coffee, tea, or favorite recipes while fueling your body with the powerful benefits of creatine. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your daily diet, eliminating the unpleasant taste commonly associated with plain creatine supplements. Now, maintaining your creatine routine is as simple and delightful as adding a sprinkle of sweetness. Get ready to savor the taste of progress!

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"Honestly I cant even tell that I'm taking a supplement! I actually look forward to taking my creatine everyday."

- Eric S.

"I love the fact that I can use this as sugar! No sugar intake but instead I get in my creatine!? Game Changer!!"

- Jenny C.

"Great tasting product and really cool 5 gram scoop. Def recommend."

- Milton S.

"OMG love this, I use it in my coffee most of the time and in my oatmeal on the weekends."

Yahira V.

"My two football players absolutely love this, especially in cereal and smoothies. They have never been so consistent in taking their creatine."

- Erin G.

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